Psalm 36:7-9: Enough

"God truly can satisfy your longings and thirst. He alone knows what you need. He is enough." by Rev. Diane Ury

Decades ago, I tasted the real Presence of the living God for the first time through His Voice as I was learning to enjoy reading the Bible. God does reach through our confusion with lifegiving clarity. Years later, when my life seemed as scarred and desolate as the world in the film, “The Book of Eli,” my daily ritual already began with a diet of God’s Word.

I trusted no one, but The children of humanity shall put their trust under the shadow of Your wings. I was broken and fearful, so I thought that might be worth the try. It was.

I had lost a taste for life, but They shall be satisfied with the plenteousness of Your house. The longings of my heart were curious about “plenteousness.” They were not disappointed.

In that dry place of pain, I cried out to God. God heard my voice, and I felt He was literally with me. I was not alone. You shall give them drink of Your pleasures, as out of the river. For with You is the well of Life. He sates our thirstiness with unworldly pleasure, gushing from the lovingkindness of His Being. No trickling or tepid puddle from Him. He created our desires, therefore they’re good. He alone knows what satisfies.

In this season of strange, dark distrust within the world and our brains, I’m grateful that He has shown us that there is a source for true Light.  And in Your light shall we see Light. In Jesus, there is no darkness. No chaos. Regardless of this world’s shaking foundations, He gives steadfast hearts and hope!

God truly can satisfy your longings and thirst. He alone knows what you need. He is enough.


Dear God, I need to hide in You. Thank you for wanting me to. Help me to know how to trust You, live in Your Light and drink of Your goodness. Amen.

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